Colour your business

Since 1984, Inform Plastics has been producing the most comprehensive range of quality polymer specific colour, additive masterbatch products and dry blend pigments to industries across the country. We create vibrant colours in plastic products. We do this using colour masterbatch.


At our technically-advanced facilities in Queensland we use a unique manufacturing process and top-quality raw materials to deliver accurate masterbatch colour solutions. Our state-of-the-art laboratory and factory has produced thousands of tailored and quality fit for purpose products. For quality plastic products our masterbatch is chemically and rheologically compatable with the plastic which is being used to make the end product.

Colour masterbatch (a colour concentrate) is formulated using a combination of colourants, additives and plastic. It’s used to create colours in moulded products, like vehicle bumper bars, in food containers or milk bottles which are blow moulded products. Colour master batch is also used in extruded sheeting for example signage, extruded profiles such as table edging and rotationally moulded products like plastic water tanks.

Our colour masterbatch is added to the uncoloured plastic usually by a dosing machine. Generally, a ratio from one to ten per cent of our colour masterbatch is added to 90% - 99% of uncoloured plastic.

Both the colour masterbatch and uncoloured plastic are metered into the moulding machine or extrusion machine. The two components are homogeneously mixed in the moulding process and a fully coloured plastic moulding, profile or sheet is the end result.Learn more about our colour masterbatch specialties now.


For more than twenty years we have formed strong partnerships with our customers. We understand that you always need products that are fit for purpose. You also need on-time delivery to help maintain and grow your business. But success is not just about the end product; it’s also about having an experienced team to provide a responsive service and reliable customer support so that you can meet the demands of the market.


Partnering with Inform Plastics you will receive exceptional technical and customer assistance. Our helpful staff go the extra mile to provide solutions to your challenges. We listen to your needs to ensure you have the best experience throughout your product development from technical advice to colour matching, manufacture and supply.Phone us today to speak to our technical team and place your order!