Precision colour matching process

Inform plastics technical experts have refined our manufacturing process to provide exceptional quality colour matching for your specific requirements. We can even introduce specialty products like UV stabilizers, fragrance, pearl or antislip properties into your masterbatch and still provide an exact quality colour match! Our state-of-the-art laboratory allows us to bring you quality products, customised solutions and our people provide a responsive service.

Here's how we colour your business in 8 easy steps:

  1. Investigation
    Our team work with you to gather information about the nature of the product you require and its uses.
  2. Colour choice
    We request a colour sample from you. We can match a variety of forms, paper, plastic, metal or film. We can work from pantone colour charts or paint! Or, you can also choose one of our stock colours from our colour library.
  3. Product requirements
    Once you have found the colour you desire we take into consideration all the application requirements for your colour such as food contact, tolerance and light fastness.
  4. Precision colour matching
    Our technicians use a spectrophotometer, a pigment formula is generated and altered until you have an accurate colour match.
  5. Customer approval
    We provide a colour match information sheet and a sample of your colour, for approval.
  6. Production
    After your approval we commence production of your masterbatch
  7. Quality control
    Our technicians oversee every aspect of production to ensure that you are presented with the best quality final product. We carry out post production quality control tests to ensure product integrity.
  8. Product dispatch
    Your product is dispatched with a conformity certificate from our lab technician.


Customised solutions for quality products

Inform plastics are experts in our field, we specialise in the manufacture of dry colour and masterbatch products – see our large range and look at our product sheets below.

Our technical expertise and advanced facilities mean we can deliver customised solutions for you with responsive service and brilliant colour. View our large range of specialty products now.

Delivering affordable results to support your business

We understand to grow your business you need to control costs. Our unique manufacturing process, backed by technical expertise means that you receive top quality products at a competitive price, we can even provide discounts for large orders. Inform Plastics use premium quality pigments and dyes. Careful monitoring and rigorous inspection ensure brilliant colour and consistent quality. Our customer service team can provide Material Safety Data Sheets.

We set the standard for responsive and reliable service

Consistently delivering quality products, responsive and reliable customer services is our top priority. Our robust processes and systems mean we can consistently deliver quality outcomes for our clients. Our committed team work to ensure you receive colour accuracy in a fit for purpose product on time, every time.


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